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Skynet Substrate-compatible SDK.


Options common to all methods.

Download options.

Get entry options.

Registry entry.

Set entry options.

Signed registry entry.

Upload options.


Download error.

Get entry error.

Pin error.

Request error.

Set entry error.

Upload error.


The default Skynet portal URL.

The hash length.

The private key length.

The public key length.

The signature length.

The Skynet URI protocol prefix.


Downloads the bytes at the given skylink.

Gets registry entry for public_key and data_key.

Gets the entry link for the entry at the given public_key and data_key. This link stays the same even if the content at the entry changes.

Re-pins the given skylink.

Sets the datalink for the entry at the given private key and data key.

Sets registry entry at private_key.

Sets the raw entry data at the given private key and data key.

Upload bytes to a file with filename.

Type Definitions

The signature type.